Late this afternoon, my Mom fell and had to use her Life Alert button for assistance. though she is bruised and a bit rattled, she will be fine. It has however, thrown a monkey wrench into my schedule.

I will need to check on her a few times over the next day or two, so unfortunately will have to cancel the Ustream class on Wednesday.. This may also impact the start of the Transportation class start date and pattern release. I will try my hardest to keep it on track but I am not sure how much of my time will be impacted.

I am also trying to get the G45 Hotel patterned finished and the video done before I leave next Tuesday. I will keep you all posted as best I can regarding the schedule.

My hubbie’s aunt fell and broke her hip today as well…when it rains it pours!

Thank you all for you kind words and prayers over on FB!


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