There is a minor correction to the Wee village pattern. On page 3 – The Rectangular Base boxes page – the column titles for the Depth and With columns need to be reversed. The first column should be Depth and the second should be Width….easy fix. The dimensions are correct on all the boxes except the pesty one that I added at the last minute…”Cut and Paste” strikes again! Again, an easy fix. For the 1 1/2″ x 4″ x 3″ box the dimension on both “a” and “b” should be 6″ instead of 7″. Better too long than too short! I have rechecked the math once again and all others are fine. Whew! If you have already purchased the pattern and would rather have a corrected copy rather than marking the corrections, I would be happy to send you the corrected page 3…everything else is correct.