What a week this has been.

On Thursday, I had a first. After thousands of boxes being delivered to my house over the past 6 1/2 years, I had some taken off my porch. In them was well over $1000 worth of product for an event I am teaching in Las Vegas in 2 weeks. it kinda flattened me for bit.

I do want to shout out a massive thank you to all of you who have given me support and love about this. Thank you to those who have gone in and made additional purchases i my shop to help out. Even bigger thanks to those who have gifted me financial support. I don’t ask for help and have a hard time accepting it when given. But i do thank you.

As many know, I have been struggling for months to get caught up from a hole I found myself in late last year. Trying to keep things moving forward while also trying to catch up older projects has been difficult. Many of you have heard my apologies, my listings of what is behind and when projects are suppose to be coming so often that I am sure I must sound like a broken record. Some have gotten frustrated and left, but most of you have been understanding and patient. You have NO idea how much that means to me.


I am a fighter. I don’t give up. I keep swimming. I have often wanted to just throw in the towel….but I can’t. It is not in me. Not only have I struggled to catch up but I have also greatly reduced the amount of new stuff going up. It has been like taking an 80% pay cut and that has been difficult. The loss of this huge order has been a huge hit on me emotionally and financially, thus the great appreciation for those who have reached out with love and support. This has knocked me over but it will not knock me down. It makes me sad that such beautiful paper most likely got dumped somewhere once the thieves realized what they stole.

My Friday show was moved to Saturday morning prior to this incident. I had planned to complete the Turn the Page album pages for the first quarter of 2016  and use those on an album to embellish on the show. On Friday I was having a hard time concentrating and was also scrambling to figure out how to replace all that product so, I wasn’t able to complete the written tutorials as planned. Instead I pulled out a project idea from my sketch book that was fast and easy.

Last year, I started using an album binding that I have named “T-Square” binding. As many of you who watch my Ustream shows, I have been using it A LOT lately. It is extremely versatile as it can be used to attach sleeve based pages, it can go to the outside of pages, it can create pockets or tabs as well as the binding, and in fact, it can be extended into pages themselves.

I had an idea scribbled down to modify this binding to be an integrated part of paper bag or envelope pages. I took an hour or so on Friday and worked out the details. Sometimes ideas and inspiration just can’t be set aside and ignored, even when there are a zillion other things that SHOULD be done first. Those who got frustrated and left are the ones that just don’t understand this and I get that. I try not to put a creative filter on my brain. Unfortunately that can get in the way of deadlines, priority sequencing of projects and life in general! It is both a blessing and a curse!


Anyway, I ended up doing the Saturday show on this paper bag/envelope album. It was a menagerie of bags, pouches and envelopes….my roots in paper crafting and mini albums. I was at first calling it the Menagerie album but later decided to call it the T Square Paper Bag and Envelope album to avoid confusion…but probably created more confusion with the rename! regardless, the video is in the Archives under T Square Paper Bag and Envelope album. there is no written tutorial and I am making this a free video to anyone to make your own. I will try to do a Youtube video soon for those who have difficulties watching videos here on my website. It is a fun and easy album to make.

I put up a handful of kits for the Saturday project but they flew out the door quickly. Thank you for that! I will put up a few more of a different collection of papers today as well packs of bags and envelopes in the shop. This is with product I have on hand, so supply is limited and they will be  ready to ship out Monday/Tuesday. Sales of the kits is really helping me financially to replace the product stolen.

Today I want to create some card stock pocket pages using this method as well and then it is back to work completing tutorials, samples, and packing kits…the list never seems to end!!