Wow! It has been a wild and crazy week. The Pacific Northwest has been hit by a series of severe storms. We have had it all! Snow, freezing rain, ice, hail, huge wind and power outages. We were fortunate to have lost power for only 2 days….some in the area have been out for over 6 days! We have power crews here from around the country. We have had very mild winters for a few years….I guess it all caught up to us in just one week!

The timing, for me, could not have been worse. Trying to keep up with my CHA obligations as well as my Ustream classes while having my kids home for 10 days straight and the loss of power has been a big challenge. As a result, my schedule is having to flex a bit. I am having to cancel my Ustream class for today, Wednesday (as my regulars know, I RARELY cancel my classes) but I will have class on Friday night. We will begin a Valentines project then. I am sliding the Gatefold Envelope Stack the Deck (and the pattern for it) until after CHA. I am sorry to have to delay this, but in order to give the pattern and class the attention it deserves, I have to flex the schedule. Thank you all for understanding! I will miss you all today!

Have a great week and I will see you at the regular time (7pm Pacific) on Friday!


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