It’s Wednesday…and I know it this week!!
It’s also the day before EARTH DAY!
In honor of that, I am

I have used things from the kitchen to color some white Prima flowers. These are items I have used for years to “dye” fabric, so I thought “Why not try it on flowers!” (No, they are not going to be acid free any more…)

Here, I used unsugared Koolaid! As any mom knows, the dye in this stuff NEVER comes out!! I used the non-sugared kind and mixed it very concentrated (about 8 oz of water for the packet) Mist or brush on the flowers. KOOL colors!… and it smells fun, too!!

Here’s the card using the flowers. I used plastic bag “paper” (see my Youtube video ) for the background and paper made from recycled paper grocery sacks

Next I made some very strong instant coffee and several strong varieties of teas. Just drop the flowers in the coffee or tea. Let sit a minute or two, then pull them out to dry. The colors are subtle and beautiful!!

Here’s another card. The paper is made from banana fiber and the background panel is from a Starbucks cup sleeve. The subtle colors of the tea and coffee dyed flowers are so soft and pretty!

There are lots of other natural dyes from veggies and things as well. Look around you kitchen…you never know what you can find to include in your paper crafting!!

Have an awesome week!!


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