I decided to look at my wallet theft as an opportunity, not just a nightmare! When a thief gives you lemons….make lemonade, or in this case, a wallet! This one was made out of TH Grunge Paper, TH filmstrip, and Capri Sun juice pouches with alcohol ink. It was a fun escape for an hour and came out great. Sarah thought I was totally nuts when I was washing the juice boxes and said I was going to make a wallet. The look she gave me was priceless!

Since I didn’t sleep much last night, I was up at 4am and made a baby mini using one of the Special Delivery Baby MIni Kits (the Classic version) for Sarah’s teacher (his wife is due over the summer). I had it done by 9:30….amazing what adrenaline and stress induced insomnia will do! Here’s a slide show. Didn’t use all the details available from the kit, but it came out sweet anyway!

Have an awesome week…I know mine will only get better!!