This week I have been playing with quilting techniques and paper. I have appliqued fabric to paper in layout featuring my daughter. I have also appliqued paper to fabric on a pouch I made for my Copic markers. I’ll try to post that tomorrow when it’s done.

To applique the fabric to the paper, first plan what you want to do on scratch paper. You can draw it yourself or check out ideas from quilt magazines, books, or online. Next, fuse a lightweight pellon interfacing to the back side of the fabric. Trace and cut out the shapes from copy paper or freezer paper. Use these shapes as a pattern to cut out the shapes from the fabric. I used a glue stick to hold the fabric pieces in place while I stitched them down. Use a mid-width zig-zag to stitch pieces down. Remember to change your needle before you stitch on fabric again….paper really dulls the needle quickly!

I made some fabric flowers (Check out others from my “12 Days of Christmas Projects” back in December!), but you could use paper or “store bought” fabric flowers.

Have Fun!