Record time in packing for my trip to Arizona. Spent the day as a crazy person trying to get 5 days worth of stuff done in a day!

Didn’t get as much shipped out as hoped. All the remaining Memory Capsule kits (both the railroad and the Madeline one) will be out by next Friday after I return….plenty of time before the class starts the following Friday. the G45 Eerie Hotel kits will ship then as well. I appreciate more than you know the patience you are all showing. I also have several of the dies and and chipboard, zip bags, etc. stuff to ship out. There has been a big uptick in orders and we have flat out gotten behind.

The Voodoo Doll House Reservations went up today. I will finalize numbers when I get back. I wouldn’t normally put these up when I still have outstanding kits and the sample is not done, but Halloween is just around the corner so I have to push it forward. I have included a couple of in price photos plus I showed it on the video from last weeks show (Part 3 of the Gas Station/Theater under the Maple Street Shoppes in the Archives. I will have more to show at the next Ustream show. The Victorian version mentioned in the video will be available in a few weeks.



photo 1


photo 2


photo 3



This furnished house will be straight off Bourbon St in the New Orleans…think voodoo and mystic rather than spooky and creepy…


new orleans


I will be back on Wednesday morning, but will still be able to answer questions and reset patterns. Looking forward to a few days of rest and seeing family! Have an awesome weekend!