I am really excited to be working on the sample of the anticipated “White Album” project. (Photos soon!!)
In answer to a couple of common questions:

Will there be a new pattern or supplementary pattern?
This technique fill project will use my Trunk Full of Memories pattern. I will be demonstrating and posting here on my blog the few changes/additions to the current pattern. We won’t be constructing the Trunk during the class, only the changes and embellishments. The original Ustream class on the  construction of the trunk is available in the Ustream archives (click the link at the top of this page)

Will there be instructions for the techniques?
I won’t be writing up the techniques, but I will be demonstrating them on both the Ustream class and on Youtube videos.

I have compiled a list of the items I will be using in addition to supplies needed for the trunk and standard scrapping tools and materials (scissors, craft knife, glue, adhesive, etc).You can substitute alternatives if you don’t have (or don’t want to purchase) any of the items shown….I am just giving you a heads up on what I will use during the Ustream class and Youtube videos. I may add items as I work on the samples.

For the Halloween Version:

For the Christmas Version:

I still have a few kits available over on my website. The kits include all the paper and embellishments but not the items shown above (except for the die cuts which WILL be included)