….the video gremlin last night!!!!

The second half video from last nights show is not working correctly. The video goes black at 11:40…..on the original.  Since I had an “operator error” during Wednesdy’s class and cut off the second video, I was being extremely careful. This one was a Ustream glitch. Aaaurgh.

Have no fear, I will do a faster redo/review of the part we missed on today’s show. We may end up going a little long today but I don’t want anyone to miss anything on the construction of the wheelbarrow.

Maybe we should do some sort of sacrifice to the paper gods during the show…..may have to give away one of these wheelbarrow samples since it looks like I will have 3!!!! Leave a comment here on the blog (hit the Read More button to comment) with a name suggestion for the gremlin….PLEASE keep the idea/name G-RATED!!!! Leave your comment by Tuesday, March 26 at 7pm PDT. I will randomly draw from the suggestions and announce the winner on Wednesday’s show. Let’s name this nasty little gremlin!! ….no more anonymity for it!




PS The video that DID record is in Graphic 45 Videos. This was a project designed for Graphic 45’s CHA W2013 booth.