The Shabby Drawers Tag Exchange is all packed up and ready to ship….finally!

This is only about 2/3’s…the rest had already shipped!

Spent a good chunk of the weekend finishing up sorting and packing. They will be shipped out by Tuesday morning. I am pooped but so happy to have them on their way to you! Once again, I thank you for your patience!

For those of you who had more than one set of tags, they may/will arrive on different days. Each group you signed up for was shipped separately (that’s why you paid for each group you signed up for).

Sorting was done randomly in groups of 9…assembly line style. I do not have a listing of who was in each group. That would have added a huge number of hours to an already long process.

We had a total of 334 groups of tags exchanged….that’s a total of 2672 tags!! Yowzer! Hopefully I didn’t goof up too many in terms of the catagories you were to go into! You all impressed me so much with the awesome quality of the tags. They were ALL beautiful!!

Thank you to the huge number of you who sent me tags and gifts. I was overwhelmed by it all! Thank you as well to those “angels” who sent extra tags….I needed and used them!

As much work as it was, it was still a ton of fun…..


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