Hey! I even made the Creating Keepsakes blog! Check it out HERE. Thank you Creating Keepsakes!

I went over to find out how you can order a digital copy of the magazine for those of you who can’t find it locally. You can order digital issues at www.creatingkeepsakes.com , but I am not sure if it includes the special issues. I am looking into it and will get back to you.

I am loving how the Modular Ink Organizer is coming out. It can be modified and organized to fit YOUR requirements. If can hold any ink pad style and I even have it set up to hold the Prima chalk inks. Can’t wait to show you more later today. I have an appointment and then will post photo’s. The Pick Pocket 2 pattern should be up at anytime. If it is not up by the time I get home from my appointment, I will email it to all who ordered the kits.

See you all at 7pm PDT tonight on Ustream!


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