Here’s the info for my FIRST Ustream class!

When: Saturday, February 27 at 4 pm PST (UTC -8)
Here’s a link to a time zone converter
What: Playing with color for Scrapbookers
Cost: NUTHIN’ ! It’s FREE!

Head on over to Ustream for this first class! There is a live chat available to ask questions, add comments, etc. If you want to participate in the live chat portion, you will need to take a few minutes to set up a Ustream account. You don’t have to have an account to just watch as a “guest”.

NOTE: I had to re-set my Ustream address from what I had it set up as originally! The address above is the CORRECT one. The other one ( is NOT the right one…. I could not get logged into that one again (long, uninteresting story) and so I had to set up a new account. If the background is BLACK swirls, you are in the RIGHT place. if the background is PINK swirls/butterflies, it’s the WRONG place!

For this first class, I will be “playing with color”, showing you some of the more technical properties of color and how you can use that knowledge in your scrapbooking and other crafts. I will try to keep it both fun and informative! You will need to bear with me on the more technical aspects of the this live streaming thingy….I’m new to it!

If you want to participate and play with some color mixing, you will need to get 5 inexpensive bottles of liquid acrylic paint. You will need:

Cyan (turquoise)
A couple of inexpensive paint brushes
Cup of water
Paper towels
Some white cardstock

Here’s what Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow look like… try to find colors that match these as close as possible.

I have the first project specific class scheduled for Saturday, March 13 at 4pm again. In this class, I will be making one of my “Strike-a-Pose” albums with the canvas tags and cover. This mini has been requested several times. I have a tutorial on the tags, but 10 minutes just isn’t enough! I will have kits with 3 different paper groups available for you to order after this Saturday’s class (they will be on my Etsy store at: This way, you can follow along with me with the kit in front of you! I will have only a limited number of kits available for each class. At this point, it will be first come, first served. I will not be having a regular class schedule but will be trying to do at least one class a month and will typically have a class kit available TWO weeks prior to the class to allow shipping. I DO ship internationally!

Well, if I’m going to have you all over tomorrow, I’d better straighten up the studio a bit!
See you tomorrow!!