Project Status

Updated Oct 11, 2017, 4:40 pm PDT

I am behind in shipping….very behind.  AS many of you are aware, I have been on another roller coaster this past summer. In addition to getting behind after multiple family situation setbacks. I had to travel with my son to various hockey tryouts. In early Sept, we got him all set up and playing in Phoenix AZ only to have the team fold two weeks ago. We have been scrambling ever since to find a new team for him. I have also had to have the website COMPLETELY rebuilt, in fact we are still in process of getting everything back to normal. It has been the craziest most time eating period in my entire life and getting projects, designed, patterns written and kits shipped out has been heavily impacted. I have tried to post the situation in as many places as I can to keep people informed of statuses of projects, etc.  Thank you for your patience and attempts at understanding. This is not a situation I would wish upon anyone!!

Please note:  Dates and deadlines noted here are estimates. I do my best to meet these dates but sometimes circumstances  dictate that the date needs to be adjusted. I update this page regularly as things change.  I am hoping that things will finally settle down in mid October and beyond.

The courtesy videos are provided as a complimentary aid for those who prefer a more visual approach the the construction of the project. Access to these videos is free and is not considered to be a part of the tutorial you have purchased wi the exception of the Video Tutorials.

I do my best to put an estimated ship date in the  Kit Description in the shop for those kits not ready for immediate shipment. Any kit put up as a “Reservation” may be up in the shop as early as a month or more  prior to shipment.  I am hoping that things will finally settle down in mid October and beyond.

All Backlogged Kits are in process of shipping. This include:

  • Vintage Hearse (Digital papers have been released)
  • Angel Song Album (Digital papers have been released)
  • Wild and Free Fairy Go Round kits
  • Turn the Page Binder kits
  • Borrower House kits
  • Misc Kits


Steam Punk Series:

  • Time Machine and Pixie Portal shipping week of Oct 15th. Project starting Sunday July 23rd.
  • In Suspense 2 will be schedule for mid November
  • The 3rd project will be schedule for early December

Pop Up Doll House

  • I am currently working on the pattern. Sample was made for CHA. This project will go strait to video and will be available during the first half of November.

The Paper Trail Kit Club and  Vintage Travel Case/Old World Travel Version

  • Release #1 and #2 shipped.
  • Release #3 ( Tranquil Seas) will ship in time for Vintage Travel Case video release
  • Project is schedule for early November


Turn the Page 2016

  • Binders and materials for binders shipping in the order received.
  • Pages available in your accounts with videos under Paid Tutorials.  One more release to complete.


The following patterns are still in Preliminary status. This typically means that all of the info need to construct the albums is included in the pattern. The only thing missing is photos of completed pages. I am working to have these patterns fully complete as soon as possible.

  • Center Part Album
  • Clearly Dazed and Confused Album
  • Time Revisited 2
  • Fused Pages for TTP 2015
  • Photo Anthology 3

Patterns needing further videos to complete:

  • Fairy Wings Album (Album for Clock) Video Tutorial
  • Memory Guide Video tutorial
  • Turn the Page 2016  (One more release to complete)
  • Simple Favorites: Flip and Slide Album