I have already posted this on Facebook but want to let people who are not on FB know. I won’t be doing a show tonight. We will begin the Trolley Project on Wednesday.


This week has been such a dark one. As a nation we have had to mourn far too many innocent lives. In times of tragedy there are many selfless first responders who rush in to offer aid and protection. These heroic men and women experience tragedy and see horrors that I hope I never have to experience myself. While many police officers have been maligned in the media in recent years, they continue to serve and protect us in a world that is sadly damaged. Day in and day out they┬árisk their lives and then come home to their families. Just like you and I, they have families who love them and friends who care. Just like you and I , they are human and have many of the same struggles and demons. Yesterday, the darkness of our damaged world struck very close to home. An officer has fallen, one I was fortunate to call friend. You will be missed, Christian, by your amazing sons, your crazy, lovable wife and by many, many friends. We will all watch over them and hold them up when they need it. Your sons WILL grow up to be amazing men, and we will all be there to help them….you will be there as well …as a light that will always shine inside of them. Rest well, my friend, may you finally be at peace.

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