An Update and my thanks….

Once again, I must thank you all for your patience and understanding during this very difficult time in my life. Knowing that the majority of you are being so patient and supportive is so helpful to me. I am doing my best to keep moving forward with getting samples completed and tutorials written. No one is more frustrated than I am that the schedule is being adjusted on a nearly daily basis. I work so hard to get everything you purchase from me to you in a timely fashion, but sometimes life just has to throw a hurdle or two (or 5) in front of you. a smooth road would be nice for a change.

We were hopeful to bring my Mom home before Thanksgiving, but it does not look like she will be able to be home till sometime next week, so the twice a day, 45 minute each way trips will continue. She will get a 4 hour release for Thanksgiving tomorrow, so after I get the dinner going, we will go pick her up and get to have her here for the holiday.

Sarah had an appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist yesterday. We are trying a few new things….I just hope and pray that something gives her some relief. If I could take this pain from her and take it on myself, I would. Seeing my child suffer so is heart breaking. I am working with the school to get her set up with tutors, etc., much like we did a couple of years ago when she had the scar tissue problems from her appendix rupture. This poor kid just can’t catch a break!

Thank goodness for dear friends and family members who are helping keeping things moving forward. Joy continues to keep Paper Doodles (my FB group) going and the Ustream schedule up to date, Ansley is keeping up the website, doing pattern resets, and answering questions. Lani is packing and shipping kits and getting my kit workroom totally organized. In the past, when this sort of thing happened, things went dead in the water. I am so grateful to them all.

I will be putting up the Mystery Turn the Page kits later today. These will begin shipping next week. I will have several different styles/types to choose from as you will see. Over the weekend, I will be getting more of the Turn the Page written and video pages, covers, and bindings tutorials up. We will have class on Friday night as scheduled and begin working on the holiday Turn the Page albums. I am also working on the Santa Workshop/Bakery Sample and pattern. those kits are packing today and will be shipping out on Friday and Saturday. We will be starting that project the following Sunday.

I don’t know if I will have a moment to spare tomorrow, so I will take this opportunity to wish each and everyone one you (including my international friends out there) a joyous and happy holiday tomorrow. Enjoy your family and friends….and some turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Laura and family

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  1. I have plenty of your projects to keep me busy for the next several months! Take care of what needs to done with regards to family & home. I too and taking care of my husband who fell down our stairs and flipped over the bannister. Working, Taking care of him and my 93 year old mother with dementia the last couple of months have been very exhausting. I feel you!!!!! As I said before, my mother, grandmother, my two daughters and I all suffer from migraines. Each person has to find their own “cocktail” of what works for them. I wish Sarah good fortune with her migraines. It is very hard to watch your child in so much pain. Enjoy and relax during your Holiday. We will all be alright. Kind regards to you.

  2. Thank you for the update. So sorry your mom won’t be able to come home till next week. Reiki to Sarah (a childhood/teenage migraine sufferer myself) I still after all these years remember how awful it is. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May your heart be grateful, your plate be full and your pants be stretchy. hugs, eileen

  3. I too have many projects to work on but have been suffering with shoulder problems so unable to do anything. Life has a way of slowing us down sometime. Your family comes first so dont worry about the rest of us. Enjoy your Holiday with your mom and family. Take care

  4. Laura, your family should always come first. May you have a Happy Thanksgiving regardless of Sarah’s pain, your Mom’s recuperation and your endless driving. The blessing is that you’ll be together.

  5. Hi Laura,
    Praying that you and your family can relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving. It is wonderful that your mom can be there with you. Sarah has been through so much. She is strong like her mom. Miracles happen believe!!!
    You are blessed to have each other. Such a close family who cares about everyone.
    Don’t worry about anyone but your family. We can all wait. You are important.
    Remember that!!!!
    Happy, fantastic, amazing Thanksgiving filled with love, family and blessings.

  6. Laura, I’m so very sorry your Mom isn’t well enough to come home for good, but at least she will be with you for your Thanksgiving meal! Poor Sarah!! I have been out of the loop and did not realize she was having such a miserable time of it! I pray the doctors find a solution for her problem SOON!! I ended up having to take a combination of meds to relieve my migraines. They are horrible and my heart goes out to all of you. Laura, you are such a dynamo! I honestly don’t know how you keep all the balls in the air!!! Hugs and blessings to you all. Please take time to enjoy your family tomorrow. When I count my blessings and the things I am most grateful for, you are at the top of the list!!

  7. Laura you are a marvel .. we thank you for all you do .. can’t believe with all is going on in your life you are still thinking of us.. Hope things get better for you and your family .. happy thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

  8. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I hope all works out with all of your personal issues!!
    Thank you for always being so wonderful about keeping us informed!!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and your family. I know how hard it is to deal with an aging parent and a couples of teens at the same time, I have been there. Now it is my turn to kick back, after doing Thanksgiving for 50 + years I said that the granddaughters have to start taking over because this family is growing and I’m not in the best of heath.
    Would you believe my oldest SON took over the whole thing and is doing a great job.
    You will enjoy down the road all of the wonderful things you brought into your children’s lives, by them picking you up and taking care of you….God bless you Laura, Your day will come.

  10. Wishing you and your family and very Happy Thanksgiving!
    Enjoy your dinner . . .Gobble Until You Wobble!!
    Family First. . .always remember that. . .the rest of us can wait. I am sure we all have so many other kits and projects to catch up on in the meantime. Just like those QUILTING UFOS!!! I have more projects than I’ll ever have time to complete in my lifetime!! LOL!!
    Best to you and your family!

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