I am slowly getting the archived Ustream videos up and available. While I still have a long ways to go, I have provided the link to them here on the blog so that you can access the ones I do have available. I thank you all for your patience and ask for further patience while I get the rest of the videos up for viewing. The link is at the top of the blog, just under the blog header. The videos are listed by the pattern title (or project title for those without a pattern) in alphabetical order.

I also wish to thank everyone who sent their well wishes and prayers for my Mom. On Saturday, after my Ustream show, Sarah and I went to pick up her up to go out to the store. We arrived at her house to discover her lying on her bathroom floor. She had been there for the past 4 hours, pushing her Life Alert necklace button to no avail. No one on the call list was contacted. Next came a call to 911, a trip to the ER in the aid car and several hours at the hospital awaiting word as to whether she had broken a hip or her pelvis. Fortunately, there were no fractures and she was able to go home last night. She is super sore today and will be for the next several days.

I may need to adjust the upcoming Ustream schedule. I lost most of the weekend and will loose a couple of days this week with Sarah and her medical tests. Kits will be going out on time but the patterns may be delayed. Watch my blog for updates on the the show schedule. Worst case scenario will be sliding the schedule back a week.

Hope you all have a pleasant week!