Baby, it’s COLD outside! As many of you know, the Northwest has been slammed with a nasty winter storm! We aren’t used to this kind of weather, especially this early in the year. We didn’t get a lot of snow, but the temperatures are in record low territory and the stuff that fell turned into almost instant ice. A twelve hour commute home was NOT unusual! My hubby was lucky made it home in around 4 hours (it normally takes 45 minutes!) He decided to wait and left his office at around 8…probably saved him those 3 hours of sitting on a parking lot which is normally a MAJOR freeway.
It didn’t get above freezing at all today and is suppose to be in the low teens tonight. (You’d never guess that I was raised in ALaska and used to climb mountains in below zero temperatures every winter! I have turned into such a wimp!!) The family took a walk to get coffee this morning…it was cold but the sun was out and the neighborhood looked beautiful…

Hope your week is going well and you are getting ready for a fantastic turkey day for those here in the US!