I have been talking about the tag swap on my Ustream show but haven’t given everyone an update here on the blog for a while….so here is the scoop.

I was still receiving tags just days before I left for CHA….a full MONTH after they were due. In fact, over 25% were received after Christmas….TWO WEEKS after the deadline. Due to the nature of this swap ( everyone receiving 11 different months tags in return), I have had to wait till all the tags were here for sorting. My sweet MOM came over and unpacked all of the tags received…that took 2 1/2 days alone to do….and we are still MISSING 8 sets of tags….That is 5% of the tags guys!!

I am so frustrated for those who took this commitment seriously and met the deadlines and got their tags to me on time. A HUGE Thank you who DID Come through…the tags are AMAZING!!!! Here is the part that I hate:   I TOTALLY understand that life happens to all of us. We go into something with great intentions, but things happen and we can’t deliver. That is understood. What is hard to understand is that EVERYONE was asked to please let me know if you can’t follow through. I was contacted by 4 people during the process who told me they couldn’t complete the tags, that was fine…they COMMUNICATED. Thing is…..all of them DID deliver! They all ended up doing their tags after all. The EIGHT people who did not send tags, made ZERO contact with me. That messes things up for EVERYONE!! I fortunately have people willing to step up and angel some tags so that no one will be short any months (though they will need at least a week to ten days to get them to me). Now comes my conundrum….do I hold everyones tags and wait till I have tags for everyone?…. or do I send out as many as I can and send the rest when all are here. Neither is fair. If everyone had followed through as they had agreed to do, all would be fair. If anyone is still willing to angel some tags, please contact me directly at ftptwithlaura@aol.com. UPDATE:  Thank you to all who have offered to help…we have the missing months covered! You are ALL AMAZING!!  The months I need are:  January (need two sets), February,  April,  July (need 2 sets), and September (need 2 sets). I have already done 4 sets myself, otherwise I would just do them.  A HUGE Thank You to anyone willing to step in to help!!!

On another note, I have been having internet issues since early yesterday…in fact the internet was down in this area for nearly 4 hours. Comcast tells us that they “are working to resolve the issue”, but it may cause problems for tonight’s Ustream show. I tried to watch Kathryn’s show last night and had a bunch of the infamous spinning blue circle. So cross your fingers and hope that it cooperates for tonight’s show!

I will have more of the Heart Beeps sample complete to show tonight and I will be posting photos here on the blog. I also have adjusted the schedule of upcoming classes. We are going to slip in an album ahead of the Tea Party project….having a hard time finding the “just right” tea party accessories, so I need a few more days for that. This new gatefold-style album (…it still needs a name!) will have two versions, using two of my VERY FAVORITE paper lines:  K and Co. Scribe (perfect for a Heritage or “grungy” album) and Prima Firefly (for a fresh and spring-like look). The Ustream class will start on Feb 9. I will have sneak peeks on the blog on Monday and the kits will go up on Tuesday (the Tea Part Kits will be available two weeks later on Feb 12).


Prima FireflyK and Co Scribe

See you tonight (fingers crossed)!


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