Here you go guys!

Here are the CHA projects that I did for Tim Holtz Ideaology booth. The first is a wardrobe trunk is created from configuration boxes and has two compartments. In the larger compartment, tags hang like party dresses. There are 12 tags, one for each month. The monthly tags hang individually on the opposite wall each month. Bingo numbers attach magnetically to the pocket watch for the day of the month, creating a perpetual calendar.

The second project is a box or field camera. This camera type was popular in the late 1800’s. This version is also created from Configuration boxes. Photo’s slip into pockets hidden in the folds of the bellows. In the back is a box file with space for more photo’s.

I will post the monthly tags on the blog tomorrow. I am also checking on whether or not I can show you the Graphic 45 projects here on my blog or wait until they show them on their blog.

Both of these projects will be offered as video tutorials after the products used become available.

Thanks for checking these out!