Technology is amazing…when the operator uses it correctly!

Last night, during my Ustream show, Gretchen questioned the dimensions for the upcoming Hotel G45.

Hmmmm…I said, I KNOW I checked those dimensions and they should be fine.

Okay, I am human, I will check again but I am sure she just misunderstood them.

So I checked.

Hey wait a minute, I already fixed these!

Well, I had, but I didn’t hit the SAVE button one last time before saving it as a PDF! Grrr…..

I have updated the pattern in the shop. If the pattern is in your account, the revised version (with an “r” added to the file name) is now in your account. it is only the Supply List/Cutting guide page that was changed. For those who were emailed the pattern, I have emailed it to you once again.

Huge thank you to Gretchen for catching this so that I could fix it before the class later this morning!!