Here are some more photos showing the interior of the Spring Fairy House. I am hard at work on the pattern. It is taking longer than I anticipated to write the pattern for this complicated-looking-but-easier-to-make-than-it-looks project. We will be starting the project tomorrow, though we will be starting with a preliminary pattern. The pattern that will be available tomorrow will have a complete supply list, complete chipboard cutting list and the construction tutorial to get the project started. I will also have the pattern available for purchase. Those who purchased kits and those who purchase the pattern will receive the preliminary pattern in time for class and will receive the complete and detailed full pattern by next Tuesday (it will replace the preliminary pattern). I want to be able to make sure that the preliminary portion is acurate and complete and that the remainder of the pattern is fully detailed and accurate. I know many of you like to have the pattern in front of you during class and this seemed the best way to do that since I did not want to delay the start of the project.


Spring Fairy int 1


Spring Fairy int 2


Spring Fairy int 3


Spring Fairy int 4


Spring Fairy int 5


This project has been soooooo much fun to create. I hope that you have just as much fun making a wonderful home for your fairies!