The last of the outstanding kits (except the Vintage Telephones) are packed, labeled, and ready to go to the Post Office in the morning. The Victorian Greenhouse kits went out on Friday and Saturday and the Stack the Deck with Pockets (both the Julianne Vintage and the Elegant Wedding versions) are out of here on Monday morning. Thank you for your patience regarding the Stack the Deck with Pockets kits. So far, they are the only ones that have run late due to my family situation. The Vintage Telephone kits will start shipping by Thursday.
I should have the Victorian Greenhouse pattern up late Monday or early Tuesday. (It will be released to all who ordered a kit as soon as it is on the website). The Vintage Telephone pattern should be available by the end of the week. Whew! I should be all caught up by then!
As many of my long time followers know, I typically time the shipped kits to arrive about the same time the pattern is available. This has been working well for the past two years. Putting these last groups of kits up so far in advance of the the Ustream class was an experiment to be able to meet the demand for those kits. The pattern came out just before the Ustream class as I always do, but many had their kit for quite some time before the pattern was available….causing both confusion and frustration. I don’t think I will be putting up kits so far in advance again. If I have to add kits, they will have to be available after the Ustream class.
I will post tomorrow when I am going to be putting the Vintage Telephone Attic Treasures version kits up on the website.
Please note, my website is going to be down for a few hours on Monday morning (my time) to make some tweaks. Don’t panic if you can’t get on… will only be down a short time.

I have turned the comments back on. Smack at me if you must, but please be kind to the other posters. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…