More Hotel G45

Here is the outside of the mini album that fits inside the top of the Hotel G45. This suitcase is created from oneof the larger Book boxes from Graphic 45. I will have the mii inside here on the blog later this weekend.




I also added a few more details to the hotel. This has been a fun one!  Email to Reservation holders will be going out soon. Tonight we continue with the Foto Folio Two album at 7pm PDT on Ustream.

See you then!


12 thoughts on “More Hotel G45”

  1. OMG!!! Laura, you have outdone yourself once again!!! There is no end to your talent!! I wish I could get inside your brain for just one hour. But, if I did, mine would probably EXPLODE!! haha Great job! And Congratulations on the G45 Ambassadorship!! You are more than worthy!


  2. Dearest Laura, you are truly one amazing artist. All of your projects featured over on Graphic 45 blog are fantastic. Nothing out there can compare to your artistry an innovative design talents, although others try to copy your projects none can compare to your creative design and ideas. You always seem to be the first to feature these projects and I am so happy that I have been following your ideas and projects for 4+ years. Thank you once again for sharing your talents with us. I always get complements on the projects of yours that I do. Lillybug27

  3. I would truly love to spend one day inside of your mind, your creativity is so inspiring , I wish I had time for every project you design, Unfortunately our local scrapbook store is closing, so I will have to try and snag some of this paper at the discounted prices they are offering .

  4. Your designs are awesome!! Was just introduced through a friend this year of your design site and it has been wonderful!! I will be purchasing and always looking for new designs by you I am hooked. Another great design. Thx for all you do!!

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