Just a quick update….

We are continuing to experience difficulties with the order history being not visible in accounts. We are working to correct this problem as soon as possible. I have access to all histories in the back of the house. If you purchase via Paypal, you can check history there if you question whether an order has gone through. You can also contact me directly with questions.

We continue to have problems with last Friday’s video due to a server/software issue that is beyond our control. Videos since then appear to work fine. I have had a couple of people report problems with the videos stopping part way through. I have not had any problems with this and have not had widespread reports of this issue. As always, we will continue to see if there is anything that can be done on our end. Several people have offered solutions that work over on Paper Doodles FB group. Please scroll and read through the posts and try these solutions. They seem to work for most people.

Yesterday we finally received Trevor’s hockey game schedule for the weekend. The times are different that we had originally thought and it will impact my schedule. I had already moved Friday’s class to Saturday morning. I am now going to cancel that class completely. Sunday’s class will move later to 6pm PDT. I will squeeze in a make-up class sometime in the next two weeks, most likely on a Tuesday. I will keep you all posted.

I continue to work on getting all outstanding kit orders out as quickly as I can.thank you all of being so patient.