… I made “wax” flowers for my candles!

Similar to the “Glass” flowers I have showed you in the past (Paper flowers dipped in UTEE) these paper flowers are dipped in beeswax and attached to simple plain candles.

Start by melting the Beeswax by Ranger in your melting pot

Punch or cut out your flower petals. You can also use pre-made mulberry paper flowers or leaves. Dip them in the melted wax, allowing the excess to drain off. Let them cool. Layer the flowers by lightly heating the wax with a heat tool and place the layers then allow to cool.

To attach the dipped flowers and leaves to the candle, use your heat tool to carefully melt the wax of the candle slightly and the wax of the flower. Allow to cool and harden.

Add a ribbon bow if desired. These can be made for any season…not just Christmas!

As with any candle, use caution while burning! The paper is encased in wax, but can still burn!!

Happy Holidays!


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