…I made some Plate Glass Flowers!

I love all the COOL embellishments available from Tim Holtz and Seven Gypsies. They all come in these plastic bubble packs, right? I hate to just throw the packaging away…there has to be a better use for it than just filling up the landfill! so, I saved the flat side of the packages (the other half is bubble shaped to fit the product). I have been experimenting with several ways to use this FREE material. Here is the first one:

For these flowers I used the plastic packaging and some fabric scraps. (I tried it with paper…it worked, just not as well). Cut out the plastic shape and the fabric with a die cut machine or alternately with scissors. (shown further along in this tutorial)

Apply Glossy Accents by Ranger (or something similar) to the entire surface of the plastic shape

Attach the fabric to the plastic shape and heat to dry (or let dry on it’s own). Dry on the fabric side.

Heat the shape on the plastic side and manipulate quickly into the shape you want. Work fast! The plastic is pliable for only a few seconds! Reheat as needed….but not too much or it completely flattens out again (which is convenient for “do overs”). When making a multi-part flower, mold the pieces separately.

Hot glue the parts together.

To use shapes other than die cuts, apply the fabric to the plastic as above, covering enough area for your shape. Trace the shape with a piercing tool… scratching the surface of the plastic to outline the shape. Cut out with scissors and shape and mold as above.

Add Glitter Liner or Stickles to edges for some sparkly pop and make into scrapbook embellishments, jewelry, hair accessories, or home decor items. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

See you on Sunday for out next project!