Okay, everyone relax! DO NOT PANIC!

The “red X” on your Scrap Bash sign up is not the mark of death, or an indication of you’re being singled out, or even a scarlet letter! LOL! It is merely how YOU can delete your  OWN entry and re-enter the drawing info. Everyone has a red “x” by their name, however, you can only see your own “x” because you can only delete you own entry (it is like a “delete” button). While I feel each of you is special, this is not a mark that either excludes you or includes into a “special secret list”. LOL! The “x” was not there when I first set up the sign ups yesterday. This morning, I enabled the feature to allow you to remove your entry and redo it…..and the INFAMOUS red “x’s” appeared!!

Please check your entry before Sunday, Dec 30th. If you did not enter your country of residence, please delete you entry and resubmit it per the instructions given. As noted in the the instructions, you entry must follow the explicit directions EXACTLY in order to be eligible for prizes. There are too many entries for me to be able to go through them individually myself. Those entries not in the designated format when sign ups close will be deleted and ineligible for prizes. Sorry to be so hard nosed about this, but it is a complicated process coordinating everything for the prizes and we need your cooperation with the simple to follow entry instructions.

On another note, I will be checking emails regularly, but please realize that this is Holiday for family time over the next few days and I may not respond as quickly as usual.

Enjoy these days leading up to Christmas! Relax and enjoy your own family time!


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