Ansley has helped me to put together a pre-order section in the website for the Fuse Tool and Tool It All. If you have emailed me with your pre-order request, please DO NOT go in and place your pre-order. I will be adding them manually into the system over the next few days. You will be able to find it in your account after I enter it…. I think ! LOL! If it is not in your account by the weekend and you had emailed me that you wanted a tool, please email me. This way, when the tools arrive, you will be notified to go ahead and pay for your order. I do not want to take money at this time as these products are not shipping till early to mid April

I am committed to making sure all who requested a tool will get one. I was early in the ordering process at CHA so should be early in the shipping order. I am increasing my original order based on the number of pre-orders I have been emailed. I do ask that if you have requested a tool from me that you also honor that commitment. I am taking that risk by not asking for a deposit, but I am not comfortable taking money for an item that is not shipping until April.


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