We are going to try out Youtube Live today for the live show instead of Ustream. Ustream has been giving EVERYONE, including Joy and myself, fits.
Soooo, lets try something new and see how it works. First, there will be a learning curve for everyone, myself included.

Fortunately, I will be using the same broadcaster as I did with Ustream. I use a remote broadcast that streams thru Youtube (just like it did thru Ustream) so the videos will record the exact same way and they will post the same way on my website….nothing new in regards to the videos.
The big difference will be WHERE you view the live show. Youtube works for so many people that couldn’t get Ustream to work for them. It seemed a logical choice.Many of you are already subscribers to my Youtube channel, so it will be easy for you. If you are not a subscriber, I do recommend you go ahead and subscribe. You will then be able to receive notifications/links to the live shows. Youtube is owned by Google, so if you already have a Google email, you are good to go.
Here is how to view:
– Go to my Youtube Channel
https://www.youtube.com/user/FollowThePaperTrail/channels or there is also a link on the opening page of my website that will take you to my channel.
Go to the videos section of the channel. When I go live, click n the video with the red “Live” and you will be able to view.
-Go to Youtube, search FollowThePaperTrail Live Stream and click on link
You must be logged in to participate in the chat. The Youtube system automatically limits you to 200 characters per comment. You won’t be able to chat until I start broadcasting, so please be patient.
Again, there is a learning curve here for everyone. Please be patient and be aware that we may not have answers to your questions but we will do our best to answer them.