I have been battling stomach flu since Wednesday evening but I think I have turned the corner and hope to be able to do the Ustream show tonight. I will post here on the blog and on Facebook if I am not able to do the show. Still feels like nails are being hammered into my head and I am a bit shaky but, I can at least function again.  Cross your fingers that no one else in the family gets it….

Tags are FINALLY heading out the door today…..the first bunch any way. With nearly 150 sets to go out, I can’t get them all out in one day, but they should all be out in the next few days. HUGE thank you’s once again to all who angeled the tags that were missing. As I have said on Ustream, this will be the LAST swap I will be organizing. Had all the tags arrived when they were suppose to in December, all of the tags would have been out be the end of the year. January/February is one of my craziest times of year and having to gather angels to fill in the tags that were never received, as well as sort them, pack them and  and get them out the door has been a challenge.  This fun project turned into a boatload of frustration. Many of you think I am just being lazy about getting them out, while nothing can be further from the truth. The tags are stunning and I can’t wait for you all to have them in hand!! I know you will all love them!

My Prima order has arrived and so the last few Firefly Book of Memories kits will also go out today. I will be putting up a few extra of the Firefly kits this afternoon as well.

My Bo Bunny order has now shipped and will be here early next week, so the C’est la Vie orders will go out as soon as it gets here. They are packed and ready to go except for the Bo Bunny paper and embellishments. All vendors are slower than their usual right now due to the CHA rush.

The Tea Party/Tea Ceremony kits go out on Monday. Pattern should be up by Monday as well…losing a day and a half to being sick impacted the pattern the most.

I think that is all that needs updating….hope to see you tonight at 7pm PST. I’ll keep you posted.