The French Delivery Truck Reservation kits are up on my website. this Ustream class is scheduled to begin April 19. For those who want to make sure they get a kit, the reservation system seems to be working well. It has been a HUGE help for me as well….no need to scramble for more kit materials!  Here is a few photo’s of the G45 French Country version I did for Graphic 45 CHA/Winter  booth this past January. This version is almost identical to the one we will make in class. There will also be a mini album in the back. The second version is with G45 Secret Garden. I will post photo’s of it here on the blog when that sample is done.

The truck is about 9″ long and 8″ tall.



All…..I repeat ALL….. of the tags are now OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! (….okay, there is one orphan box…. I will have emails out trying to determine who it belongs to…). Please be patient and allow them time to arrive before you flood me with emails as to when yours shipped. There were 144 sets of tags (that is nearly 1600 tags, peeps!) and they did not all ship at the same time. Delivery times can vary. (If you are in the U.S. and don’t have your tags by the end of March, then we can look into tracking them down).Thank you to all who participated, especially to those who angeled tags. I personally ended up making 5 3/4 sets of tags…..2 that I signed up for, 3 that I had to last minute angel, and 8 individual tags that I had to fill in for batches that came in short of the required 11. It was wonderful to see all of the amazing tags but I am glad it is over!

I have an exciting new project coming up on Thursday!

Many have asked me to do Youtube videos again. I have a new series coming up that will be done entirely on Youtube….one project in the series each month. No Ustream spinning circles and no waiting for uploads on my blog! I have always loved birdhouses…I think it is my architecture background… this series will be…..For the BIRDS!!!

I have done 3 or 4 birdhouses over that past few years and they have been some my favorites. Now I am going to have a new one each month!…on Youtube! The Birdhouses will be thematic for each month and will be available quarterly. I hope to show the sample for the April one on Wednesday’s Ustream, with the other two by the weekend. Here is the planned April, May and June themes:

April:  April Showers. Fun and Spring-like.

May: May Flowers,  Flowers, Flowers everywhere!

June: Hat’s Off to You!  A Top Hat Birdhouse.  A little bit masculine….with a ‘stache!

There will kits and patterns for each monthly project. The kits will be posted quarterly and the patterns will be available monthly…..this first batch of kits will be available on my website on Thursday, March 21st. The kits can be purchased individually or you can save nearly 20% by buying the entire quarter, you will save on shipping as well cuz all 3 kits will ship together. There will be a set quantity of these kits each quarter, so I won’t be using the reservation system. The monthly videos will be tutorials much like those on Ustream, but without the chat. You can watch at your leisure and stop and start as you need to. The patterns and the videos will be available during the first week of each month. The kits purchased quarterly will be shipped together, individually purchased kits will ship as ordered after they are available. This first batch will ship out and the video will be available around April 10th as I got a late start on getting supplies here.

There will also be “Specialty” birdhouses offered along the way in addition to the monthly ones… May, there will be a Baby themed Birdhouse and in June there will be a Wedding themed one, for example. These will be available individually only and I may use the reservation system for these…still working out the details…. I am sooo excited about these! I think they will be so much fun!! I have already started on the next quarter designs….