I am going to try and post every Friday a bit of a review for those who miss announcements and such in the variety of places I post things. I work very hard to keep everyone informed by all varieties of media but, it never seems to reach everyone…

The Bird Abode Series patterns are  now COMPLETE! Massive weight off my shoulders. It was a fun series to do, but I learned that doing something with a monthly deadline does NOT work for me and my need to have my schedule flex at time. Trying to fit in a late project while keeping the schedule moving with current projects takes FOREVER! Lesson learned. We will be making March Winds on Ustream tonight. The pattern, kits and stamps are up in my shop for this project.

Speaking of Bird Abodes…and a few other older projects for that matter….Lani and I have been organizing my packing room. We have unearthed some of the older Bird Abode kits as well as some random onesy-twosey kits from projects past. I will be setting up a day and time to post these kits for those who may have missed them way back when…I will keep you posted as to when.

In addition to the kits, we will be putting together mystery boxes of goodies…flowers, paper collections, card stock, embellishments etc. I will let you know when these will go up as well.

I have been hard at work on the Turn the Page Source Book mini album system. The patterns will be up in everyone’s account who ordered as well as many of the video’s by Sunday. All remaining videos should be good to go by end of day on Monday. As soon as the Written Tutorials are complete, the Electronic Kit version will be available for purchase. The Electronic kit includes the written tutorials as well as access to  the video tutorials. I am going to be doing a Ustream on the assemble of your binder and how to access the videos on Sunday. Come hang out with us then if you want to know more about how the Turn the Page system will work.

Because of the launch of the Turn the Page system, I am going to delay the start of the Southern Belle Doll House until either Wednesday or Friday. Check the Schedule Tab for updates on the date.

The Next Maple Street Shoppe sample will be ready next week and those with Reservations will be able to make there selections next week. We will be trying something new. Instead of an invoice, you will receive a code to enter to purchase the kit or kits you selected directly from the website rather than via an invoice. This way the patterns will be available in your account rather than via email. There will still be all carte kits and patterns only available after the Reserved kits are completed. The project will be a Santa’s Workshop or a Bakery. Both will feature easy to do recipe books instead of the mini album.

The Once Upon a Time Series will kick off in December with the Princess and the Pea Project. This Series also has the ongoing Reservation system. Reserved kits will receive an email with selection choices in about two weeks. Again, there will be ala carte kits and patterns only available once the Reservations are completed.

I am still hoping to put together a special Holiday project for the Thanksgiving Weekend. I will keep you posted as to what and if it will be happening.

This year will be the 5th Annual New Years Scrap Bash. Sign ups for prizes will begin in early December. You won’t want to miss it!

Well, I think that’s all I have for right now. As always you can find the Schedule for Ustream under the Schedule Tab, the status of kits and patterns under the Status Tab and the Pre-show videos (with sneak peeks and announcements)  from the last Ustream show Under the Archives Tab.

See you in just a bit on Ustream!




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