The Pacific Northwest has been hit with a bad windstorm (and cold weather!) We have had multiple power outages as a result. My family has been hit with a bit a one, two punch as well. On Tuesday my Father-in-law was admitted to the hospital. He is 91 and his heart is just giving out. My husband has been having to get is Mom back and forth to the hospital over in Seattle. He will most likely go in to a nursing home within the next few days. Yesterday morning, my Mom fell and was having trouble standing unaided, so off to the ER we went. After over 6 hours there (loooong story), I was able to bring her home. She will be staying with us until her surgery next week and after as well. My daughter continues to battle migraines (for those who fight migraines, she is now get the aura component along with the pain….this kid can’t catch a break!)  and we are off to the doctor again today, next up will be a Neurologist. When it rains it pours! All of this is having an impact on my schedule.

I was planning to get a big chunk of the Turn the Page Videos up Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, our power was out and I wasn’t able to upload as a result. Yesterday was spent at the ER with my Mom. I will be working to get those videos up today, but with our schools starting 2 hours late, Sarah’s afternoon Dr. appointment, and my mom being here needing assistance, it may take me most of the day. I will continue to work to get everything up as quickly as I am able. The vast majority of you are very patient and understanding. For those of you frustrated by the delay, I apologize.

I will be moving the Southern Belle House to the Thanksgiving weekend also as a result. There just aren’t enough hours in the to get it ready to start this weekend. I know some are planning this as a holiday decoration and/or gift, so I won’t delay it further. Please check the schedule for dates and times (to see the time, click on the date on the calendar and the time will be shown). We will still have a class on Friday,as I need to take the time for that for my own sanity. I will work on a Turn the Page Mini that I already had in the works. Since I already had kits planned for it as well, I will go ahead and put them up later today. Leilani will be able to get those shipped out. Thank goodness for Lani, she has allowed me to focus on my family through this without my business being completely ignored. What a relief!

As I seem to say with too much frequency….Thank you all for you words of support and love, and once again, thank you for your patience! You all are the best!


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